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3 Fun Facts: Teresa the Guitarist/Singer

Updated: Sep 15, 2022

Singer and guitarist extraordinaire! Teresa knows how to rock the house with her vocal melodies and dramatic guitar riffs. Check out what she says about her musical inspirations and her favorite part of the music writing process.

What inspired you to start playing your instrument?

A combination of having a few close, and distant relatives who played music. MTV and VH1 had a huge impact on wanting to play on stage. I have family members who play instruments, mostly piano and maybe one or two people that play some guitar. I clung to the guitar, and never learned to actually play it, formally that is. But I love it, and I learn new ways to make it sing, everytime I play.

What are two of your favorite bands/musicians and why?

I’m sure this is not very “musician” of me for not including musicians before my time, who opened the door to musicians like myself, but I can only go off of my own experience in MY time here. So I’ve had a very hard time narrowing this down, but I am pulling straight from my nostalgic memory bank here, where my own flavor of music was imprinted in my brain, circa 2000’s rock.

Staind- the lyrics are always on point and relevant, regardless of the current time. They combine heavy, “angry dad rock” with strong and relatable emotion.

Linkin Park- they opened the door to the new age of rap/rock. Linkin park showed

people that you don’t have to fit in a specific category/genre, to make good music. Plus, I mean Chester’s vocals </3 R.I.P

Teresa playing guitar at Photo City Music Hall in Rochester, NY

What is your favorite part about writing music?

This is difficult to answer. Writing and playing are so different. Writing is SO difficult, for me at least. For me, writing just happens when it happens. I can’t just sit down and be like, “Ok, I am going to write a song today.” I will say though, sometimes I’ll riff around on my 7 string, or my bass, and come up with a cool riff, and save it in the bank. Eventually, gain up enough courage to send it to the guys and get their opinion on it, if they hear where they fit into the piece, or if it’s something we think we’d be interested in collectively writing.

To narrow it down to one thing, my favorite part of writing music is the ability to create it in the first place, and share that creation and make it something I never thought it could be.

What are three fun facts about you?

When there is a moment of time I choose to take for myself, if I am not writing or playing music, I can be found:

Spending time with my wife and kids

Gaming on Xbox One, looking forward to High on Life!

Building or repairing something, as well as playing with electricity.

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